If you’re interested in SQL Server or a related technology and are in the Orlando area, you’re in the right place! We are a tiny non-profit that organizes a variety of free and paid events throughout the year ranging from lunches to all day classes, all with a focus on helping you learn and meet fellow data professionals.

Membership is Free

The best way to connect with us and hear about upcoming events is by joining our meetup group. It’s free, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we’ll typically contact you once a month.

Quarterly Evening Meetups

We strive to organize an evening meetup once per quarter, typically in downtown Orlando. The format varies, but includes at least one technical presentation, some very informal and low pressure networking time, and we take a break in the middle to have dinner together. Typically attendance is 25-35 people, but varies based on the topic.

Mini Meetups

We try to organize at least one smaller meetup each month. Most often these are lunches, but we’re always experimenting. No technical presentations, no sponsors, everyone buys their own food or drink, and it’s a lot of fun to just talk shop with people that share the same interests and challenges. Don’t see one close to you? Suggest a location!


Every fall we organize a SQLSaturday. It’s a free all day training event held on the Seminole State College campus in Lake Mary. We try to build a really diverse schedule in terms of topics and skill levels, all delivered by passionate volunteer speakers that come from all over the country (and sometimes further). We average 250 attendees and 40+ presentations each year. We organized the first SQLSaturday event in 2007 and we’ve done one every year since.


A few times a year we offer half day and full day classes. Most of these cost between $50 and $300, depending on the instructor and the venue we select. Our goal is to bring training to you at an affordable price that doesn’t require travel.


We’re volunteer run and we do what we can with the time and energy we have. From time to time we’ll ask for help on stuff, especially when we get into the preparation for SQLSaturday, but you don’t have to wait for us to ask if you want to give back. Talk to us at a meetup and we’ll look for places where you can help out.


If you’re looking for work you should start with the well known job sites (Indeed, Dice, and LinkedIn) and also contact the local staffing companies (see our list here).

More Learning Resources

If you’re new to SQL Server you can’t go wrong by joining SQLServerCentral and MSSQLTips. Pluralsight is a monthly subscription with some good SQL content. You should also join our local .Net group ONETUG and watch for their annual Code Camp.

We’re a Non-Profit

We’re a real 501c(3) non profit. Our funding comes from sponsors and the occasional donation and our annual budget is thousands, not millions! Our board members receive no compensation. You can read more about how we do things on our governance page.