Sponsor Opportunities


Thanks for being interested in sponsoring our activities! The rest of this page will give you a good overview of the various sponsor options and costs, but we’re always open to discussing new approaches.

To set expectations, we believe that sponsors derive the most value from engaging with our attendees in-person. Swag of any kind always helps, as do raffle prizes. We mention our sponsors in our monthly messages, but we do not normally do email blasts on behalf of a sponsor due to the very low click through rate.

If you would like to sponsor, please contact us. Once we get the details set we’ll send you a payment link.


We host 10-15 meetups per year in a few different formats:

  • Lunches/Coffee. Typically 5-10 attendees, no presentation. We try to do at least one of these each month.
  • Quarterly Evening Meetup. This is usually 20-30 attendees. We have time for networking, at least one technical presentation, and we eat dinner together.
  • Free Workshops. These are less common and not on a regular schedule, but we try to do one or two each year. These vary from a couple hours to all day.

All of these can be sponsored, but our evening meetup is the most popular with our sponsors. Sponsors usually have 5-15 minutes to showcase a product or service and of course are welcome to stay for the entire meeting to network with our attendees.

Sponsorship fee: $50 to $250


SQLSaturday is our mega-event where we provide a full day of free training to more than 250 attendees each year. The schedule varies from year to year, but in 2019 for example we had 50+ speakers on the schedule!

Because of the size of the event we publish a formal sponsorship plan each year that has a range of options. Typically the event will go-live on June 1st. Note that we when we estimate attendees that is the number of people that you can expect to see on site, the registration count is typically much higher.

Sponsorship fee: $250 to $1500

Paid Classes

We also try to bring in a couple great instructors each year to deliver a half day or full day class. We often partner with sponsors who want to deliver training on one of their products and rely on us to provide the venue and local marketing.

Sponsorship fee: $250 to $1500

Good Will Sponsors

We always appreciate donations from individuals and Orlando area corporations that want to sponsor our efforts.

Sponsorship fee: $25 personal/$100 corporate per year