End of Year Review

Looking Back at 2019

I think it’s always a good thing to think about how we did in the context of our mission statement:

This corporation exists to further the career development of students and information technology professionals in Orlando and surrounding areas that are interested in or working with SQL Server and related or complimentary technologies and applications.

Here’s what we did to pursue that mission:

  • Organized our annual SQLSaturday, providing a full day of free training to more than 300 attendees (and that training was provided by more than 50 volunteer speakers!)
  • Hosted four quarterly meetups
  • Organized seven lunches across the Orlando area
  • Brought in all day classes on SQL Performing Tuning and PowerBI, plus half day classes on AWS and SQLGrease

In the next couple of weeks we’ll publish our plan for 2020, building on what we did in 2019 and looking for more things to try, more ways to reach people.

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