Monthly Update

SQLOrlando Monthly Update – September 2020

September Update

Hope you’re all safe and making the best of it. If we can help in some way, please reach out.


Our September Virtual Lunch will be on September 23rd at noon and we’ve already scheduled the October one as well for October 21st. Both will be via Google. These are low effort and more fun than you might think. Participate or just listen in while we chat, it’s all good and a way to feel a little more connected in these disconnected times.

Katie is working on a guest speaker for an evening meetup in late September/early October, more on that as soon as we have it confirmed. 

We will plan for no events in November to give everyone time for Thanksgiving and family.

It’s hard to know what December will look like and it seems unlikely we will be able to do our usual holiday dinner event (due to both safety challenges and not being able to get our usual meeting space). As an alternative I’m proposing we do a holiday lunch at a location where we can sit outside (perhaps Fourth Street Grill in Lake Mary) if it seems safe to do so. Let me know what you think of that. I know it would be good to have something to look forward too!

PASS Summit 2020

Just a reminder that the PASS Summit is virtual this year and is being held the week of November 9th.

Keep Learning

It’s definitely a little hard to stay motivated about learning right now, there’s a lot going on in our lives, and that’s just a little more stress on top of the rest. If I can offer a couple of suggestions:

– If you’re not in the mood (or have time) to learn right now, that’s ok. Put a reminder on your calendar 60 days out that says “Schedule Learning Time Again If Things Are Better”. That’s a way to make a deliberate decision about now and not just totally lose sight of the need to add some skills over time.

– If you want to be learning and are struggling to get it done, put it on the calendar! Block out 30 minutes a week to read a blog post, watch a video, try out a new idea.

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