Monthly Update

February 2021 Update

Honoring Gareth

We would like to honor Gareth’s memory by doing something annually in the community.  We can discuss some different options in our February meetup. Here are a few ideas we have thought of and we are certainly open to others, so please bring them up during our discussion.

  • An Annual 5K to raise money
  • An award to a community member representing Gareth’s great personality of kindness & helpfulness


  • Our next meetup will be Wednesday, February 17th via Zoom.  Bradley Ball will be our speaker and we will interview him on paying it forward to the community as part of our “pay it forward” campaign in 2021.  He will be speaking about Azure Synapse.  You can register for the meetup here:  February Meetup
  • We will also be hosting a virtual lunch the same day (busy day) where we can all catch up!  RSVP for the lunch:  February – SQL Orlando Virtual Lunch
  • Tuesday, March 16th – we will have Deepthi back for a St. Patti’s day themed Index session.
  • First week of March we will likely have a vendor sponsored lunch n learn to talk about a data product.  

Red-Gate takes over PASS assets

This is great news!  SQL Saturday and Summit will stay alive for all of us that love these times of year!  If you want to read more about it, please read Steve Jones’ post here: RedGate Takes Over PASS Assets  Make sure to sign up for updates on PASS events at SQL Saturday Site.

Look for a Survey Soon…Again

Last month we mentioned this, but life happened and the survey obviously did not.  We will try again this month to send out a survey post meetup to see where we can improve.  

Pay It Forward

As mentioned in the January meeting, we would like to share with the new and older members of the group how PASS and SQL Meetups or any meetups has helped in their career or personal life.  If you are willing to share or be interviewed please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Sharing is caring and we are never alone in our journey to success.  

Another way to Pay It Forward is to speak for our group!  Teach a 101.  Speak for 5 to 60 minutes on a topic.  It can be a 100 or 500 level.  The point is to just start somewhere.  I challenge you all to think about something that might help others to learn one new thing.  This is why we do these meetups!  We love to learn and connect!    One event we have promised for this year is a virtual beginners workshop to SQL.  We could definitely use some 100 level 20-60 minute talks about setting up a home environment to learn on your own.  This would be an excellent entry point for a new speaker!  (Just sayin…)    

Alright, so that is your February update for your SQL Orlando group!  We hope to see you all at the meetups this month or next.

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