Monthly Update

April 2021 Update

Things are Looking Up!

It’s been a long year but we’re making progress. We’ll be scheduling an in-person lunch event in May and we’ve reserved October 9th for the next SQLSaturday. Too soon to be 100% sure, but it’s time to lean forward some.

Meetings This Month

We only have one meeting planned this month, a lunch on April 28 at noon where we’ll be talking about what’s like to be a volunteer for a small group. It’s a really interesting topic and even if you’re not ready to volunteer, make some lunch and hang out while we talk shop. As always sign up at Meetup ( and the zoom link is there.

We’ll try to get back to our normal schedule in May, but it feels like everyone is tired of zoom calls and virtual meetings, us included, so we’re easing up this month.

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot

Too Hamilton? I received the first vaccine shot about 10 days ago and go next Friday for the second. Very minor side affects, just some warmth around the injection site for about 15 minutes and then it was over. I know it varies, but wanted to share at least that one experience if you haven’t decided to go.

Until Next Month

If you’re struggling (as we all do at times) and we can help, reach out via Meetup or LinkedIn. Sometimes a different friendly voice can make all the difference.

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