Monthly Update

SQLOrlando Monthly Update – February 2020


We’ve got a lunch coming up this week in Lake Mary. If you live/work in the area, hope you’ll attend. For those of us who are introverts lunch with strangers can be a little daunting, something we very much keep in mind. Our goal is to greet you warmly and then let you decide how and if to participate from there. If you want to quietly listen and see how it goes, that’s fine! We’ll be on the back patio of Friendly Confines, usually we’re the only group there.

Our Getting Started class is coming up on April 18th. It’s an event designed for those who want to get into a role dealing with data and aren’t sure what the different job titles do or how to get started. It’s built for someone starting out or career changing. I hope you’ll click the link and look at the schedule and think about who you know that might benefit from attending. It’s a free event, including lunch.

We’ve also set up a Slack for members of this group. It’s definitely an experiment, but one we hope increases the number of conversations and connections. Use this link to join through Feb 23 (after that contact us and we’ll send you a new link). It’s all free, just a matter of setting up a Slack account.

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