Monthly Update

SQLOrlando Monthly Update – March 2020


Our evening quarterly meetup is this Wed at our downtown location. We’ve got two great presentations scheduled and as always we’ll be networking (“talking shop!”) before the meetup and we’ll have dinner together at 7:30 or so, my favorite part of the meetup.

Our Getting Started class is coming up on April 18th and we have 50 signed up, so we added 15 more seats. It’s an event designed for those who want to get into a role dealing with data and aren’t sure what the different job titles do or how to get started. It’s built for someone starting out or career changing. I hope you’ll click the link and look at the schedule and think about who you know that might benefit from attending. It’s a free event, including lunch.

Don’t forget Orlando Code Camp on Mar 28th! There are some data topics, but plenty of other stuff to learn too. Free lunch, free learning! Hope to see you there.

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